L220 W160 H98cm 65Kg

The Grand Raid Evolution off road tent is the largest model in the James Baroud Range, offering sleeping space for up to three adults.

To erect simply release the latches, then by gently lifting the unit it will expand and form into the tent, it takes one person less than 10 seconds to completely erect and because the weight is supported by four AL-KO struts there’s no heavy lifting, even if carrying a spare wheel on the upper hull.

When ready to leave just pull down the upper hull and let the tent withdraw back into the shell. An elasticized seam sown into the tent walls will draw the fabric walls back into the hulls as it folds. Secure the latches to lock the hulls together and you’re on your way again. The mattress and bedding can remain in the tent for transporting, which means in less than 25 seconds your packed and ready to go.. Amazing!

Designed and tested to withstand the most extreme conditions the Grand Raid Evolution is completely waterproof and wind tested to 120km/hr. Support crews in the grueling Paris to Dakar Rallies use these tents where the climatic extremes and endurance conditions test man and machine to their limits. While you may never experience such searing heat, dust storms or desert winds, it’s good to know your tent can take it.

The Grand Raid Evolution has two doors with two windows, this creates excellent cross ventilation allowing air to freely circulate throughout the tent. The openings are fully screened for insects, have Velcro secured flaps for privacy and small awnings to protect from the rain, while still allowing the windows to stay open. A solar powered fan is fitted with reversible blades, converting the fan into an extractor, a great way to help avoid any condensation that may build up in the tent.

Your roof top tent comes with its own mattress and protective cover. The mattress is made of high density foam and is ISO rated for its density, traction resistance and air permeability, which means it provides good support and breathes well. You’ll get a good night’s sleep and your mattress will remain fresh.

There is ample storage inside with a removable storage pocket and a ceiling storage net. The tent also comes with a removable and rechargeable LED torch.

A ladder is supplied and attaches to the hull when required giving easy access to the tent. It features a telescopic design that adjusts to the movement of the vehicle and folds away for storage and transport.

Available as an accessory is a custom luggage bag that attaches to the upper hull with Velcro straps. Zippered at the rear for easy access, internal straps to secure your possessions and 100% waterproof.

All James Baroud roof top tents fit to the roof bars of most vehicles and can be removed and stored when not needed and are covered by a 5 year guarantee on the fabric, hull and mechanism.

The Grand Raid Evolution breaks new ground in hard-shelled, roof top tents. Roomy, comfortable and built to take the most extreme of conditions… definitely a better way to go road touring or for 4WD adventure travel.