If you’ve ever erected a tent think about the amazing 5 second set up time for the Evasion Evolution… Just release the catches and let the struts raise the upper hull, automatically expanding the tent space as it goes.
When it’s time to pack up, the upper hull is easily drawn down by hand while the fabric sides are drawn into the hull by the elasticized seam. Secure the latches and your done… 15 secs and your on the road again. It just doesn’t get any easier!

Completely waterproof and wind tested to 120Km/hr, for when the weather turns nasty. No one wants to be caught on the roof of their car in a bad storm in anything less.
All openings and doors are completely screened against insects and you sleep on a high density foam mattress supplied with it’s own cover. Your cosy space has map pockets in the side and ceiling with internal lighting supplied by a rechargeable LED torch.

A folding ladder attaches to the lower hull and allows easy access to the tent, while the ladder’s specially designed, telescoping legs adjust to the movement of the vehicle as you enter and leave. They really have thought of everything. So, for a cosy weekend getaway with that someone special, a fishing trip, surfing safari or a very clever, lightweight alternative for extended touring, the Evasion Evolution roof top tent ticks all the boxes and being tested in the Paris to Dakar Rallies it’s ideally suited for the extremes of 4WD adventuring.

Compared to other rooftop tents, the compact size of the Evasion Evolution reduces the height profile of your vehicle, allowing you access to those special, hidden 4WD locations. Of course, being a James Baroud product you also get the comfort of a world class European build quality 
all backed by a 5 year guarantee.