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Portable solar panels are simple to use, compact, and great for areas where generators are prohibited. Designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, these monocrystalline solar panels are supported by a strong double channel frame. Which means, you can have peace of mind that these solar panels won’t flex or twist on your off-road travels.

With REDARC’s camping solar panels, you can expect to receive 6-8 hours of sunlight on a typical sunny day. This sunlight becomes solar power for your DC to DC battery chargers and appliances, so you can charge everything no matter where you are. Our high quality portable solar panels are even able to maximise the amount of power generated in low light situations, meaning that you can still be self-sufficient on those cloudy days. Not to mention, they also have adjustable legs, so the panels can be angled towards the sun and conveniently moved as required.