The Discovery Evolution is the entry level of the James Baroud hard shell tents range, ideal for a lower budget and is the easiest tent to open and close because only one side conveniently opens. This tent is also completely waterproof and wind tested to the same high standards of the other hard shell tents in the James Baroud range.

Compared to other rooftop tents, the compact size of the Discovery Evolution reduces the height profile of your vehicle, allowing to travel deeper into those special, hidden 4WD locations.

Wind tested to speeds up to 120 kmh.

Of course, being a James Baroud product you also get the comfort of a world class European build quality all backed by a 5 year guarantee.

– Wind resistance of the tent when opened: 120km/hr
– Reinforced upper and lower hull with stainless steel fttings
– 2 x adjustable safety catches to secure closed
– 2 x built-in aluminium rails to attach the hull onto the roof racks
– 6 x mounting brackets for attaching to roof bars
– Fabric secured to hulls by cable ftted into recessed groove
– 2 x air inlets with dust proof system
– 2 x fixing points for the ladder on each side of the hull
– 1 x aluminium ladder (and storage cover), with sliding action
– 1 x removable and rechargeable LED torch

– High quality double stitched, aluminised polyester fabric. (6 x ISO ratings)
– Tear resistant mosquito mesh
– 6 x fabric coatings; reflects the sun rays, anti UV, non perishable, 100% waterproof and breathable
– Stitched-in elastic drawstring around the tent retracts the fabric when stowing
– Back door with mosquito mesh, zipper and Velcro fastening, integrated window
– 100% waterproof and breathable

– Ventilation fan
– Capacity 11.6m3/minute
– Automatic and silent operation
– Vent powered by an integrated solar panel, giving 24 hours battery life between charges – see usage notes
– Draws away accumulated heat and avoids condensation build up

– 5 years guarantee on fabric, hull and mechanism
– 2 years guarantee on gelcoat, accessories and ventilation system
– Traceability with the serial number

Graham Cahill sporting the Discovery and 150W Solar Panel