Your centre roof console will be designed to suit your specific model vehicle. It will neatly follow the contours of your hoodlining and will be the ideal width to suit the distance between your sunvisors. The length of the console takes into account the mounting system for the console, the shape of the cabin and when applicable, headroom for the rear seat passengers. When calculating the depth of the console we allow for maximum headroom and a clear view for the rear vision mirror. As no two model vehicles are the same our “vehicle specific” consoles are the best available.

  • Robust construction – Suitably durable for off road driving. Manufactured from steel and hardwood plywood – NO PLASTIC.
  • The shape of the base of the console can be custom made to suit your radio(s) and other requirements.
  • Radio Holes and storage openings etc. cut to suit your requirements and accessories.
  • Designed for maximum headroom without interfering with the sunvisors or any other functions of the vehicle.
  • Fits the vehicle without drilling any holes by utilising the rear view mirror captive nuts and interior light screw holes.
  • Upholstered in a vinyl or velour finish.
  • A vacuum formed finish is also available for this roof console. This is a foam backed, heat shrunk, one wrap (no seams) finish similar to the finish on the dashboard.
  • For vehicles fitted with the altimeter / fuel gauge assembly on the roof, removal of this assembly reveals an opening in the hoodlining. Our consoles have been designed to take advantage of this opening. The radio fitted into the front of the console can protrude past the top of the console, sitting in the space between the hoodlining and the turret. This design allows the console to be less intrusive and allows the front radio to sit further forward making it easier to see and operate.
  • Designed so the radio curly cords are out of view.