• The versatile flat facia panel can house radio(s), can holders, a shallow tray or a deep pocket.
• Available in a large range of colours. The most popular – dark grey.
• Comes complete with a storage bin and a hinged padded lid. The storage bin is upholstered on the inside and includes a removable lining that is held in place by Velcro tape.
• Designed to neatly fit the floorpan.
• This compartment can be built with a round front or a flat front. The flat front is designed to butt up to our floor tray (see photo) – the flat compartment and the “U” tray are only available for the early model 76 Series with the steel dashboard (i.e. built date to and including June 2009).
• This console is recessed on the driver’s side to fit around the handbrake.
• Robust construction – strong enough to sit on. Manufactured from steel and hardwood plywood – NO PLASTIC.

Standard and Extended lengths available