The newest member to the ARB canopy family. Ascent is our feature packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and comfort in an ultra-premium design. With a raft of standard features including fully integrated central locking and push button window switches, Ascent is the solution for those who live an active lifestyle and want their vehicle to look just as good off road as it does in the parking lot.

Developing a canopy from a blank canvas meant that ARB was required to validate new designs and put them through a rigorous testing regime. Utilising a combination of software, laboratory and real world testing, the canopy team performed validation simulations using the latest software through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in CAD along with real life testing of a complete canopy in our specially built thermal chamber with temperatures up to 90°C. Further laboratory testing was undertaken on latches, actuators and relays via special ARB made life cycle rigs.

To certify the design against water entry, canopy engineers utilised several high pressure water washing facilities. The most rigorous of testing was done on the test track in Anglesea, Victoria, where the canopy and vehicle were put through corrugation testing, high speed testing, articulation and the renowned Belgian blocks. A long term assessment vehicle was utilised to perform field testing on new mount rail configurations and the attachment system. Following numerous months of testing it passed with flying colours.