02 Nov 2020

Tristan’s Mitz Alloy Canopy Fitment

Tirstan brought his Holden Colorado into our workshop to have a Mitz Canopy fitted to it and what an absolute result it ended up to be.
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Accessories Fitted Passenger Side

– ARB Zero Fridge Freezer

– ARB Cargo Storage Bags

– Mitz Alloy Upright Fridge Case

– Clearview Fridge Slide

– Mitz Alloy Single Drawer System



Accessories Fitted Drivers Side

– Mitz Alloy Double Drawer System

– Mitz Alloy Under Tray Storage

Fitted To The Rear

– Mitz Alloy Fold Down Ladder

– Mitz Alloy 20L Jerry Can Holder

– Mitz Alloy Roof  Rack

– 12Volt Electrical Package