An advanced  wireless remote controls the winch clutch and so much more.

Thhe Zeon Platinum is the future of winching, featuring wireless remote control and available in steel with a larger with a  l or Warn Spydura synthetic rope. It is available in 8,000lb, 10,ooolb and 12,000lb  capacity.

The series wound motor with a larger armature featuring 15 per cent more copper than other models provides incredible pulling power and a new brush assembly design ensures a long service life. A convertable control pack can be attached to the winch or remotely mounted, allowing for various winch mounting options and looks.

Maximum Load – (Single Line)- 4536kgs (10,000lbs)
Motor- 12v DC series wound
Control- Advanced Wireless
Gear Train-3 stage planetary
Gear Ratio- 162:1
Clutch – (Freespooling)- Rotating Ring Gear
Cable- 9.52mm x 30.5 m spydura synthetic
Brake- Automatic mechanical cone
Dimensions With Control Pack- L61.59cm x W 18.16cm x H26.71cm
Dimensions Without Control Pack-L 61.59cm x W 18.16cm x H 19.9cm
Drum Diameter/Length- 9cm/22.9cm

ZEON Platinum 10-S