With the introduction of our PRO Edition, we are yet again redefining the auxiliary driving light category. Our all-new Type-X™ PRO edition epitomizes our commitment to maximizing light output and reliability at levels that surpass the most respected players in the industry.

Using the latest optic simulation modeling, the reflector geometry was tweaked over and over again to achieve a highly-functional beam pattern. An astonishing beam throw coupled with a homogeneous wide beam will have you insist on driving only when the sun’s down.

Cutting edge performance starts with cutting edge LED technology. To achieve genuine category-leading performance our Type-X Pro is equipped with 37 x Oslon High-Flux LEDs, selected for having the #1 highest lumen density per mm2 of any other comparable LED on the market. Compared to the two other leading spotlights brands similar offerings, the LEDs used in Type-X PRO have + 23% and +42% higher lumen density per mm2 in comparison. The net result is higher net light volume and unrivaled beam throw.