The versatile bike carrier for all types of bikes, from ebikes and fatbikes to small children’s bikes.

– High load capacity enabling transport of e-bikes and heavy mountain bikes.
– Possible to increase the load capacity to 4 bikes by adding Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter 938100.
– Extra-long wheel trays enabling transport of large bikes (up to 1300 mm wheelbase).
– Adjustable pump buckles with extra-long wheel straps for easy fastening of wheels (up to 4.7″ wheels) enabling transport of fat bikes.
– Easy mounting of bikes through detachable bike arms with Thule AcuTight torque limiter knobs that click when optimal torque is reached.
– Easy mounting and adjustment of the bike rack before closing the tightening handle, thanks to the towbar coupling’s initial stability.
– Easy trunk access with bikes mounted, thanks to smart foot pedal tilt. Even very large rear doors can be opened due to wide tilt angle.
– Lock your bikes to the bike rack and your bike rack to the towbar (locks included).
– Optional 4th Bike adapter available.
– Optional BackSpace luggage box available.
– When adding the 3rd or 4th bike adapter to the 938AU or 939AU with a Back Space XT, an additional arm is required
– Optional Loading Ramp available.
– Optional extra long “Fat Bike Longer Wheel Straps”.
– Complies with Australian Standards ONLY when purchased through authorised Australian dealers.