Safety and ease of use in one JACK has it all.

Engineered by ARB, Jack adds hydraulic technology to the recovery scene. Gone forever is the extensive effort required to operate a mechanical jack, inch by inch. Gone forever is the dread felt when faced with the trickiest of recovery missions.

Jack kicks into action when even the lightest force is applied to a handle, the hydraulics smoothly jack up the vehicle at up tp 13mm increments with each downward manoeuver.  At the same time, a black rubber body bumper shields the vehicle from risk of damage during the recovery.

Then Jacks easy to access, simple to operate, red lowered lever ensure lowering the vehicle is achieved swiftly and safely thanks to the two stage descent feature and safety stop. With a press of the two stage lever, a slow rapid descent can be achieved.


  • Body is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum for maximum strength.
  • Nine hooking points offer the adjustable hook a wide range of lifting heights.
  • Capable of lifting up to 2000kg
  • Body can be rotated 360 degrees to align the pivoting foot to match the terrain.

Meet Jack