17 May 2021


The Front End

ARB Summit Bull Bar with Fog light Kit
ARB AR32 Intensity LED Spot Lights
Carbon 10,000lb Electric Winch


The Under Belly

 ARB Rated Recovery Points
ARB Under Vehicle Protection



The Side And Up Top

  Safari Armax Snorkel
ARB Base Rack Roof Rack
ARB Base Rack Light Bar
Arb Awning With LED Light


At The Back

 Kaymar Rear Twin Wheel Carrier
ARB Drawer System With Stainless Steel Table
ARB Zero Fridge Freezer
MSA Drop Down Fridge Slide



 Old Man Emu BP51 High Performance Bypass shock absorbers and rated Rear Coil Springs

In The Cab

Hema HX1 Navigation System
RJ45 UHF Switch Blank
Compressor Factory Replacement Switch
Spot Lights Factory Replacement Switch
GME XRS-330C UHF Radio