25 Jun 2019


Im sure this vehicle needs no introduction..

It’s not every day a 4wd store has the privilege to work on one of Australia’s most recognised 4wds!

‘SHORTY’ has not had the extent of work done as the GU being the iconic looking vehicle it is. But more so of a servicing, repairing and securely storing side of things we conduct on the old girl. We have however had the opportunity to install something special on this vehicle that we had also installed on the GU. It was something we thought was a must have for Graham, and there were no hesitation in installing it into the GQ after experiencing it in the GU.




As you could imagine… Removing the ‘RAW’ branded suspension from the vehicle was a task in itself. Being in the vehicle for more years than one can count, had mud, dirt and gunk from every corner of Australia and more rusted bolts than the Titanic, it was difficult to say the least.

But all worth it for the complete change in how the vehicle with drive and perform on and off road!

Whilst installing the BP51’s we also added and replaced SHORTY’s steering damper, and also installed a set of the Airbag Man heavy duty airbags with the Kevlar sleeve. This will assist in the around the home duties Graham conducts with the fetching and carting of jarrah for the fire at home and any other duties SHORTY might be slaved for.

Graham’s rear sway bar was hanging on for dear life and about as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike. So we reconnected and upgraded his sway bar links to the heavy duty Roadsafe links.