05 Apr 2019

The 79 Series built for Australia.

Craig and his family are pre-existing customer’s of ours. He bought this 79 with the intention to turn it into an Overlanding workhorse that would go where his pointed his finger.
The challenge was accepted! Craig threw his list at us, and we did what we do best and made it happen.

Starting off at the front of the 79.
We fitted the ARB Deluxe steel winch compatible bull bar with the ARB fog light kit, WARN 10,000lb electric winch, ARB intensity LED spot lights, front 8tonne rated recovery point, radiator plate and paired it up with the ARB deluxe side rails and steps. Having the strength of the bull bar with the side rails and steps is essential when travelling the outback in our opinion.
The chassis connection from the bull bar and side steps bridged by the side rails is nothing but bullet proof.

The installation of the Safari ARMAX 4″ snorkel was a necessity for Craig, and here’s why:
Safari snorkel’s have always made the be all and end all of snorkel’s, and the ARMAX has been a compliment to that. With the power upgrades done to this 79, the ARMAX 4″ snorkel was a must have option. Modifying the airbox to a 4″ inlet has really impacted the way the snorkel assists the vehicle, and for that reason, we love this bit of kit!

The battery system we have installed on this 79 is far from simple. We have not only 2 Optima D27M batteries under the bonnet, but also 2 Optima D27M batteries in the canopy.
3 auxiliary batteries with solar adaptation giving this vehicle power on tap, any time and anywhere. Running the Redarc BCDC1240D smart charger, this system is completely automatic and stress free. Allowing Craig to do nothing but focus on the tracks ahead and enjoy his time not worrying about his beers getting warm.

A new rear axle? But why?
Everyone know’s that the 70 series from 2007 onwards have the issue of the rear axle being 90mm narrower than the front. Toyota widened the front of the vehicle to suit the V8 engines placed under the bonnets. With this, they left the rear axle standard.
Now there a few ways to correct this issue, most of these being either illegal or untrustworthy. With what this 79 will be doing, we couldn’t afford any of those options.
We opted to use JMACX. JMACX do either a coil conversion or a straight axle swap, and we chose the axle swap. This not only rectifies the current issue with the 70 series, but improves it also! With the heavier duty gusseted axle, raised leaf hanger brackets, braided brake lines and wider axle, this is the perfect solution to corrected the vehicle!

The cockpit! It goes without saying that with big trips, comes alot of time spent in the drivers and passengers seat. So out with the uncomfy and agricultural seats, and in go the RECARO full adjustable and electric bucket seats. With full lumbar support, electric adjustments, leg extensions and hugged sides, these seats are a game changer for the long drives!
Paired up with the added Department of the Interior centre console to add more storage and cup holders, this vehicle is now seat for the trips around Australia.
Navigation goes without saying, and the HEMA HX-1 is the best money can buy. Mounted neatly ontop of the dash with power run constantly to the unit.

With all this weight added, comes sag and issues with maintaining the vehicles factory GVM.
We have installed the Old Man Emu BP-51 suspension under this 79. Not only improving the way the vehicle drives, but having the luxury to have fully adjustable shocks for different landscapes and obstacles. We have also upgraded the vehicle GVM. The factory GVM just wasnt enough, upgradint it to 3900KG has allowed Craig room from where he sits empty to fully loaded with extra to spare!

Towards the rear of the vehicle, to gain easy access to the roof racks on both the canopy and cab, we had Bullet Welding in Rockingham fabricate a drop down ladder attached to the rear end.
This giving Craig and the family easy access with also a hugged away and non intrusive installation on the vehicle.

This 79 has been an absolute pleasure to fit out.
We wish Craig and the gang all the best with their adventures to come!